Sunday, 4 October 2015

5 Things You Must Know About SalesforceIQ

Touted as the future of selling for every business, Salesforce introduced SalesforceIQ in Dreamforce’15 amidst much fanfare. Powered by the game-changing Relationship Intelligence technology that utilizes advanced data science to analyze the relationships between organizations and prospects, customers and partners, the new SalesforceIQ for Small Business and SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud are expected to transform selling for all businesses. Here are 5 things you must know about SalesforceIQ.

1. Start Selling without Data Entry and within minutes!

Quite literally! SalesforceIQ automatically updates itself with relevant information from your prospect and customer communications, including but not limited to your emails, calendars, calls and marketing software like HubSpot, Pardot and MailChimp. What this essentially means is that your sales reps can now focus on selling rather than mundane data entry within your CRM, something they have always dreaded! Additionally, companies can literally start selling within minutes of setup, thanks to easy onboarding and no up-front setup costs.

2. Superman Selling

This is an era where sales reps are expected to be at the top of their game all the time, almost in a Superman-esque manner. Whether you need to connect to a new prospect or answer his queries, SalesforceIQ helps you do just that. Closest Connections helps you quickly identify people within your network who could provide best introduction to a prospect or a target organization while Intelligence Fields helps Sales reps prioritize and focus on the most crucial opportunities within their pipeline!

3. Say goodbye to back and forth navigation

Not only are your CRM records updated from within your inbox, but your emails are also analyzed and information is brought into your email from your CRM. Say goodbye to navigating back and forth between your emails, CRM and marketing software!

4. Prioritize your opportunities with intelligence

What’s better for a sales rep than having a CRM tell him which opportunities need his immediate attention, without having to hunt for this information? SalesforceIQ captures key insights and information from calls, emails and other forms of communications, thus providing you with the required support to prepare for an opportunity. And if this did not blow your mind, SalesforceIQ comes with an Inactive Days field to alert you whenever an opportunity needs your attention, helping you make faster decisions! A CRM was never this intelligent before!

Image Courtesy Salesforce

5. Plethora of amazing features

Read receipt notifications as alert when emails are opened, follow-up email scheduling, ability to attach files from a range of cloud services and schedule an email to be sent at a designated time are just the tip of the iceberg that SalesforceIQ is. SalesforceIQ comes powered with numerous email shortcuts, predictive notifications and helps you stay abreast with your pipeline. Add automated logging and reminders to this list and your sales reps are in for a massive treat!

SalesforceIQ: a win-win situation!

SalesforceIQ is a smart, easy-to-use CRM built for smart sales people, who are looking to increase their efficiency and spend time on selling rather than worrying about the underlying things. Not only does SalesforceIQ drive success in the organization, it also enables them to deliver increased value to their customers. The bar for selling has been set high and SalesforceIQ is the stairway to that heaven!

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Written by Nupur Singh, Pre-Sales & Marketing Expert at Eternus Solutions

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